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 Fifth Emotion



Third Emotion


Fourth Emotion



"Life began with a single Drop of Water"

Water as Liquid will turn into 3 other states of Matter (Solid, Gas, and Plasma) when exposed to an optimal temperature to Breed, Sustain or Seize


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"Earth is a Sign understood through Science"

The 3 Laws of Motion

an object at rest stays at rest, an object acted upon by a balanced force stays at rest, an object acted upon by an unbalanced force changes speed and direction

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The 3 Laws of Logic


The Law of Contradiction

The Law of Excluded Middle

The Principle of Identity

"Through the Lens of Logic"


 First Emotion


Second Emotion


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The 4th Human Desire


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There are 3 Expressions of Love


Reciprocal Love is the type of Love that we describe as "universal love" we feel it when we give charity and show gratitude towards someone or something. Affectionate Love is the type of Love that we describe as “brotherly love” we show it through loyalty, and appreciation to someone or something. Desirable Love is the type of Love that we describe as “intimate love” we express it through physical and emotional bonding to someone or something. 

The absence of Love is the absence of feeling, Indifference, "it’s no concern of mine"

The 5th Human Desire


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The are 3 Satisfactions of Contentment

our Wishes (doing things we Enjoy), our Expectations (expecting the Wish to be Worth our Time), and our Needs (our Need to fulfill the Desire of our Wish for something and the Expectation of it). By understanding what makes us Content, we can distinguish the level of importance of our Wishes, Expectations, and Needs, which will lead us to understand that True Contentment comes when we do Not Wish for anything More than what we Need.

The 6th Human Desire


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There are 3 Beliefs of Confidence

The amount of Self-Reflecting Confidence will determine the quality of Perfection-Seeking Confidence which makes us understand the Condition, State, and Quality of being Free from All Flaws, and Defects. Based on the quality of Perfection-Seeking Confidence, Faith-Filled Confidence arises by putting complete Trust and Confidence in someone or something.

The 14th Human Desire

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There are 3 Values of Wealth

Physical Wealth (Life), Time Wealth (Freedom), and Social Wealth (Belonging) Most of us agree that owning things, or at least having the right to own things, is good. It’s okay to buy a phone, have your own clothes or own a car but equally True is that most people feel uneasy about a world that has both billionaires in vast mansions as well as children dying malnourished. When we Value Wealth before Life, Freedom, and Belonging it turns into Greed, a one way ticket to Despairity, Deprivation, and Divison.


The 15th Human Desire


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There are 3 Processes of Reproduction

Meiosis is a type of cell division in sexually reproducing organisms that reduces the number of chromosomes in the egg and sperm. Plasmogamy, is the fusion of the contents of the two cells. Karyogamy is the final step in the process of fusing together electrically positive protons and electrically neutral neutrons.

Humans, like all creatures, have desires which lead to Reproduction, if our Desire for Reproduction is Processed prior to Love, Morality, and Belonging rather than our Love, Morality, and Belonging being prior to our Desire for Reproduction, it turns into Lust, a one way ticket to Despairity, Deprivation, and Divison.

The 16th Human Desire


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There are 3 Kinds of Humility

"Knowledge Humility" is the virtue of knowing that no matter how Knowledgeable you think you are, you can always learn something new by humbling yourself to learn new Knowledge, "Morality Humility" is the awareness that no matter how self-assured you are about your moral compass, you are vulnerable under stress to losing your way, and "Personal Humility" is knowing that it is so much better to let your actions speak of your accomplishments than for your tongue to boast about them. When the Kind of Humility is placed before Knowledge, Morality, and Aspirations it turns into Pride (Arrogance, Conceit, and Superiority) a one way ticket to Despairity, Deprivation, and Divison.

The 7th Human Desire


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There are 3 Principles of Morality

Meta Ethics, Applied Ethics, and Normative Ethics. Morality asks us to reflect on the origin of our Confidence in our Knowledge of the Truth when we are presented with both Objective Facts, and Subjective Views, the choice we make between the two will define the level of Morality we choose to conduct ourselves with towards others.

The 11th human desire


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There are 3 Elements of Freedom

it all starts with Free Will, which gets structured with Discipline, to deal with our Responsibilities in Life, when it happens in that Order there is unity with Justice, then Morality stands up for Belonging, and Confidence humbles itself to raise our Ambition, making us Content by showing gratitude of the Truth, based on the Love that we felt when we gained the Knowledge of how fragile Freedom is

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The 8th Human Desire is



There are 3 Blocks of Order that are needed for the pillar of Order to uphold Peace, Hierarchical Order, Sequential Order, and Antecessor Order. When you understand the nature of Hierarchy, you understand that everything is arranged in order of rank in a logical and consistent order  based on the natural age of our existence in Nature.


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The 13th Human Desire is 

There are 3 Signs of our Aspiration

 Dreams, Hopes, and Wishes. Dreams are cherished Ambitions and Ideals created in our Imagination.

Hope is a feeling of Expectation for a particular thing to happen. Wish is a strong feeling, worthy or unworthy, that impels to the attainment or possession of something that is either in our reality or our imagination, following these signs will lead to us fulfilling our Goals. when we place Contentment on top of Aspiration, we

form the sign T for Truth.


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The 3rd Human Desire is

There are 3 Steps to understanding Life

These steps help us distinguish our Coherence, Purpose, and Significance in Life. Whoever understands the quality of being logical and consistent with the quality of search for why something is done or created or for which something exists, will find the quality of why something is being worthy of attention and importance.


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The 2nd Human Desire is

There are 3 Facts of Knowledge

Physical Knowledge helps us take in new information based on Objective Facts

Social Knowledge helps us think about the new information based on our
Subjective Views

Logico-Mathematical Knowledge
helps us remember new information
 based on our Neural Connections which connect pieces of Knowledge to one another to form new Knowledge.


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The 1st Human Desire is

We are born with the Desire to Explore our 3 Natural Curiosities  that lead us to the Truth that we seek.

Diversive Curiosity is the Impulse that drives us to endlessly search for the Truth.


 Epistemic Curiosity is the drive to Comprehend the Truth that we have acquired.


Empathic Curiosity

is the drive that Enlightens us to Empathize with someone or something by being Truthful to ourselves and as a result to them.


The taste of Truth is more bitter in the mouths of those who do not speak it.


The 8th Human Desire


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There are 3 States of Peace

Peace with the Truth (our Belief), Peace with Confidence (towards Ourselves), and Peace with Morality (towards Others).  Without Inner Peace, we will not be able to always make beneficiary choices for ourselves or for others. Our Reality is a reflection of the amount of Inner Peace that we possess, Reality can not bring sustainable Inner Peace unless Contentment is based on the Objective Fact and not on our Subjective View of someone or something. 

The 12th Human Desire


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There are 3 Foundations of Belonging

Belief is a feeling of certainty that something exists, is true, or is good for us, and the type of Human Beings we become depends on our Behaviors, our sense of Belonging comes when we rest Belonging on one of the two pillars, the straight pillar is the Objective Facts which means it is True that only one answer can be stable enough to carry P for Peace, the bent pillar is Subjective Views, which means they will always change with Time until they Naturally fall.

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The 10th Human Desire is

There are 3 Stands in Justice

Distributive Justice, Procedural Justice, and Interactional Justice. Peace can only be upheld if our Behaviour in being Just are based on Equality, Proportionality and Fairness with being Transparent in our Actions, Providing Opportunity for Voice, and being Impartial in decision making by looking at Sensitivity and Fairness in how Information is Communicated to someone and the quality of that Information  resulting in Why a specific outcome Happened.


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