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With EACH transaction, W3AR3 LLC deducts 9% of the total amount paid where 3% goes to our Non-Profit Charity Organization, W3AR3 ALIV3 which helps build Water Wells, supply Essential Medicine, give Nutritious Food to the ones in Need, another 3% goes to our Non-Profit Animal Rescue & Taming Association, W3AR3 VOIC3S which helps to Rescue, Cure, and Tame abandoned and/or injured Animals. The remaining 3% goes to our Non-Profit Help Foundation, W3AR3 UNIT3D, which helps build Schools, Orphanages, and places of Worship. The purpose of these operations is to open programs of Awareness, Education, and give a Helping Hand to the ones in Need.

100% of the 9% will go to the 3 above-mentioned programs.

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